Peaceful drift fishing on the Rivers

Your Dream Vacation is Here

Fishing begins when the run starts.

Kasilof River Fish Run Times
  • King Salmon (Chinook) — First Run: Mid May to July; Second Run: Mid July to July 31 (last day of season)
  • Red Salmon (Sockeye) — First Run: Late May to Early June; Second Run: Mid July to Early August.
  • Silver Salmon (Coho) — Early August to end of October.
  • Pink Salmon (Humpbacks) — Late July to Late August (Even Years Only)
  • Steelhead — April thru October

Enjoy Some Fishing-Time

We have fishing gear for you to use while fishing on the Kasilof River bank below our lodge.  There is nice stairway to get down to a path that leads to the river bank

Paul and Dave caught some nice Silver "Coho" Salmon below the lodge on the Kasilof River

The Perfect Surrounding

Here at Gallery Lodge, we have access to the Kasilof River to fish for King Salmon “Chinook”, Red Salmon “Sockeye”, Silver Salmon “Coho”, Dolly Varden and Steel Head.  

Drift fishing - Kasilof River

The drift fishing boat with our guests coming to the shore bringing in their fish catch up to Gallery Lodge. We all like the BBQ after a catch!!!  Well, sometimes we do catch fish.  Remember it’s fishing, not catching.  Just the joy of being here and enjoying the scenery and the wildlife.  It can’t get better than this… 

Halibut - Cook Inlet

There are many charters to book for a halibut trip.  More pictures to come.

The Best Experience Ever

This video was taken with one of our guests drone.
Miss Sadie

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